Reverse the PACE of your aging concrete with Pileggi Artistic Concrete Engraving Concrete Transformed into Dazzling Works of Art!!



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What is Artistic-Decorative

Concrete Engraving?

It is the act of remodeling existing or newly cured concrete surfaces by engraving patterns and texture into the surface. Engraved designs and patterns simulate building materials such as brick, tile, stone and a unlimited variety of graphic elements. Concrete engraving can produce artistic designs, logos, symbols and specialty textures. Thousands of patterns are available and the possibilities are endless.

Where is it used?

It's simple, wherever there is concrete! Residential, commercial, industrial, recreational etc. Both interior and exterior locations are excellent candidates for Artistic Concrete Engraving!

Top 10 Reasons to Consider Artistic Concrete Engraving

  1. Saves time & money- the process uses existing concrete.
  2. Permanent- the pattern will last the life of the concrete.
  3. Transforms concrete into works of art.
  4. Hides & disguises cracks & repairs.
  5. Projects are quickly completed.
  6. A very clean process.
  7. Nearly maintenance free.
  8. Adds resistance to stains, markings etc.
  9. Design- colors, patterns, custom logos- are nearly limitless.
  10. The Green Benefits- allows existing concrete to be remodeled & enhanced which saves fuel, energy, materials & man- power.


Through honesty, integrity and professional service, we will provide quality work, assuring customer satisfaction.

Pileggi’s Services:

Commercial / Residential  

  • Asphalt Seal Coating
  • Asphalt Repair / Patch Work
  • Asphalt Resurfacing / Overlays
  • Driveway Aprons / Approaches
  • Hot Crack Fill
  • Line Striping / Pavement Markings
  • Complete Asphalt Maintenance 
  • Specializing in Decorative Concrete
  • Engraving

Asphalt is a significant investment. If maintained properly, it will last many years. Pileggi’s application of industrial grade materials will seal and ensure your investment.

Pileggi’s Valued Customer

​Pileggi’s  strictly adheres to manufacturer guidelines when applying asphalt, seal coating  and concrete products. Pileggi’s  buys direct, ensuring the integrity of all the products we use. Our advanced techniques seal your investment the professional way.